These are the conditions for how to buy a house with the newest BSI mortgage for 2023

August 18, 2023 by These are the conditions for how to buy a house with the newest BSI mortgage for 2023

These are the conditions for how to buy a house with the newest BSI mortgage for 2023 –  Want to buy a house with a mortgage or home owner loan using a Sharia bank? Can buy a KPR house with BSI (Bank Syariah Indonesia). Check out the conditions  for buying a house with a BSI mortgage.

Nowadays, having a dream home is no longer difficult. There are many ways to own a home. One of them is by way of credit with the KPR system. KPR is available in conventional banks and Islamic banks.

This time, admin will discuss how to buy a house with a BSI KPR or Indonesian Sharia Bank. There is the advantage of housing mortgages in Islamic banks, namely having financing that is in accordance with the rules and guidelines of Islamic teachings.

What makes BSI KPR different from other KPR? What distinguishes it is that the BSI KPR was chosen to avoid usury and be free from interest rates. Home mortgages with BSI offer fixed installments with relatively light margin fees.

If you want to buy a house or renovate a residence, you can easily apply for a BSI mortgage. For those who are still looking for information regarding home mortgages with BSI. There are several brief reviews regarding the terms of how to buy a house with a BSI mortgage, without interest rates that won’t be burdensome.

What is KPR BSI or Bank Syariah Indonesia

Before getting to the heart of the discussion, it’s good to know what a BSI KPR is to understand Sharia KPR. First, you must know in advance what is the difference between Sharia KPR and Conventional KPR.

The difference between Sharia KPR and Conventional KPR lies in the contract used in applying for KPR. In the BSI KPR there are two types of contracts used, namely Musyarakah Mutanaqisah Contracts and Murabahah Contracts.

In the Murbahah Akad system, the bank will buy the property and will resell it to the customer at a mutually agreed profit and price.

Meanwhile, the Musyarakah Mutanaqisah Agreement, namely the customer and the bank, both purchase housing, which is in accordance with the agreement. The customer buys a house in installments or in installments with an agreed nominal installment.

There are benefits for customers if they apply for a BSI mortgage. What are the advantages of BSI KPR? The first is free from fines and interest rates because Islamic banks have a system that is in accordance with Islamic law.

Second, the amount of installments that have been determined is fixed. This of course will not burden the customer.

About the BSI Mortgage Program

Customers can realize their desire to renovate a house or buy a house through the BSI KPR program. There are advantages to BSI mortgages that customers will get. The following are the advantages of BSI KPR:

  •  The first is an easy and fast online mortgage application 
  • The DP starts from 0 percent
  • Fixed installments in accordance with the mutual agreement between the customer and BSI

In addition, Bank Syariah Indonesia offers free provincial fees, appraisals and penalties. So, customers will not be confused about paying installments for buying  second-hand homes , new homes, shop houses, or  apartments.

The following below are several BSI mortgage programs that can be used as references:

This program is specifically for Indonesian citizens aged 21 to 40 years who wish to have a new residence. This program also offers a financing ceiling of up to 120 percent, with a term of up to 30 years.

This program can be used to apply for low-cost mortgages, fixed installment amounts according to plan, and  in real time .

This program is intended to finance home ownership with hajj prizes. The benefits of going to Hajj can be obtained when it is current in installment payments for two years.

This program has light and fixed installments, and has a special margin equal to 3.3 percent eff.

Terms of How to Buy a Home with a BSI Mortgage

Before deciding to apply for a BSI mortgage, customers need to know some of the requirements for applying for a BSI mortgage. Check out the review below.

  • Status as an Indonesian citizen or citizen
  • The applicant’s age ranges from 21 years to 60 years when making the application
  • Have a steady income job
  • Have worked for at least one year for employees/employees or two years for entrepreneurs/professionals
  • Have or be willing to open a BSI account
  • In applying for a BSI mortgage, it can be done  offline  and  online . If  offline , you can go directly to the nearest BSI branch office. Meanwhile,  online , you can go through the official BSI website.

This is an explanation of the conditions for buying a house with a BSI mortgage. Hopefully the information above can help, yes.

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