Discarded stuff Crossword Clue

Discarded stuff Crossword Clue – A crossword clue is a hint found in a word search or crossword puzzle that gives an indication as to which words should be used to fill in the blanks. It usually consists of a definition of the word or, in the case of cryptic crosswords, a hint of some sort as to the meaning of the clue. Clues can also be divided into direct and indirect: direct clues are straightforward definitions, while indirect clues call for more creative thinking in order to find the solution to the clue. Crossword clues can also be textual or graphical, depending on the type of word search or crossword puzzle. Regardless of the type of clue, they are a crucial part of any word search or crossword puzzle, helping to guide players in their search for the correct answer.

Discarded stuff Crossword Clue Answer is…

Answer: JETSAM

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