17 Best Lightweight and Beginner-Friendly PC Graphic Design Applications

August 18, 2023 by 17 Best Lightweight and Beginner-Friendly PC Graphic Design Applications

PC graphic design applications are a very important requirement for professionals working in the creative and design world. Especially with today’s advances in digital technology that demands everything to look as attractive as possible.

Including for matters of design work that continues to grow and follow the latest trends. If previously graphic design was used to make brochures, pamphlets and others. Currently graphic design is used for website design, advertising and promotional content, video thumbnails and so on.

Best PC Graphic Design Application Recommendations

To support design work that requires skill and creativity, the right graphic design application is needed so that the results are satisfying. Of course there are many types of graphic design applications that can be used with the various advantages they offer. As in the following recommendations:

1. Adobe Photoshop

This PC application for graphic design is very popular and many professionals rely on for photo editing. Since it was first launched in 1990, this application immediately stole the attention and has successfully produced various masterpieces.

Currently, Adobe Photoshop is widely used to help with photography work. Starting from editing photos and providing additional effects, to manipulating photos as you wish. In addition to providing complete features and tools, this application has many advantages.

Among them is support for storing images in various formats. Besides that, it can be used for Windows and Mac, as well as Linux by using additional applications. Not only editing photos, this application is also very effective for making various designs.

2. Adobe InDesign

Still from Adobe, you can also use Adobe InDesign to help with design work as needed. This PC graphic design application offers various advantages that will make it easy for you to operate the application.

One of them is to provide tools that are easy to understand so even beginners will find it easier to adapt. In addition, there are many interesting features that will make the design results even better and more satisfying.

By using this application you can improve the results of designs that are still considered lacking so that you can refine them as you wish. This application, which was released in 1999, is most widely used to make posters, brochures, books, magazines and others.

3. Adobe Illustrator

Not much different from Adobe Photoshop, this graphic design application for PCs is also often used by professional designers to produce great works. Some of the designs produced are in the form of logos, pamphlets, cartoons, advertising, and others.

The main function of this application is to design illustrations in vector format, tracing image objects, converting photos into sketches and re-coloring image objects. Apart from that, Adobe Illustrator also has some very interesting advantages.

Among them are being able to produce sharp color quality, support large file sizes, are effective for designing cartoons and illustrations, provide attractive filters, display simple and user friendly and integrate with other Adobe applications.

4. Adobe XD

This PC graphic design application developed by Adobe in 2016 can be an attractive choice for those of you who work as a mobile application designer. This application will make it easier for users to develop UX/UI. So, what are the advantages?

The first is the availability of prototype tools that allow you to create more detailed and organized workflows. So that when there are other design projects they don’t clash with each other and stay on their respective paths.

Adobe XD is integrated with other Adobe applications, so this will make it easier for you to incorporate designs from the software into the design projects you are working on. With this application you can record the design process and share it easily.

5. CorelDraw

The next application for PC graphic design to choose from is CorelDraw. This 2D graphic design application is usually used to design brochures, invitations, banners and others. In terms of capabilities, it is almost the same as Adobe Photoshop.

However, unlike Photoshop, which is designed on a photo-editing basis, CorelDraw is more designed for vector-based graphic design. Because it uses a vector, the resulting image will not break when the size is enlarged.

This PC graphic design application also supports various export and import formats making it possible to open it through other applications. And what is no less important, CorelDraw’s display is user-friendly so you can easily understand the tools available.

6. Corel PaintShop Pro

Still in the same family as Corel, PaintShop Pro is often used for image editing needs like Photoshop. It’s no wonder that many choose it as an alternative photo editing application besides Adobe Photoshop.

This graphic design application for PC, which was launched in 1999, offers various advantages, one of which is that it is easier to operate than Photoshop. So for those of you who have trouble designing with Photoshop, you can try PaintShop Pro from Corel.

In addition, the application is equipped with a variety of easy-to-use editing tools that allow you to create creative images as you wish. This application is also effective for processing RAW photos and can record screens and edit them instantly.

7. Sketch

If you currently need a lightweight PC graphic design application to support design work, then one option is Sketch. However, keep in mind that this application is only specifically for Mac users, so you must ensure that your PC is compatible.

To be able to use this design application you have to buy a license through the official Sketch website for US$ 99 or the equivalent of Rp. 1,400,000. Even though it is quite expensive, it feels quite reasonable considering the price of the Mac itself is also above average.

As mentioned earlier, this application offers very smooth and lightweight performance so that various design jobs can be carried out effectively and efficiently. Especially with the many interesting features in it that will make the design results even more satisfying.

8. Inkscape

For those of you who want a free laptop graphic design application, Inkscape can be an option. The application developed by The Inkscape Team is specifically designed to make it easier for designers to design digital images.

What’s interesting is that this application is open source, so apart from being free it also allows users to contribute in modifying the software. With a simple interface, you can easily use the application according to your needs.

Of course there are many advantages that can be considered before you use the Inkscape PC graphic design application. Among them are light size, complete tools, accessible via a web browser, complete settings panel and automatic backup feature.

9. Pixlr

One application that can be used for photo editing and design purposes is Pixlr. This application for PC graphic design was developed by Ola Sevandersson in 2008. This cloud-based photo editor is generally accessible through various devices and is free.

Pixlr is equipped with a variety of powerful editing features, so many use it as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Because besides being free, this application is also easy to use so you won’t encounter the slightest problem.

There are many design templates that can be used instantly for your design needs. In addition, the features provided are also quite a lot. Like photo collages, editing by adding effects, filters and so on.

10. Clip Studio Paint

The next PC graphic design application that you can try is Clip Studio Paint which is widely used to design comics, 2D animation and concept art. The software developed by Celsys supports all operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

This 2D design application from Japan is quite popular as a vector-based application that makes it easier for users to create the best work. Starting from illustrations, comics, manga, anime and so on.

The features provided by the application are quite complete, including various coloring features to make the design results more attractive and look livelier. In addition, this application also supports various formats for export and import files.

11. Canva

This free PC design application provides instant templates so you can use it as needed. The application, which was launched in 2013, was developed in Perth by Cliff Obrecht, Melanie Perkins and Cameron Adams.

The features provided by Canva are quite complete with a simple interface. For standard use, you can use this application for free. Meanwhile, for more complete use, paid services are provided.

The Canva PC graphic design application can be used on PCs and smartphones so it will make it easy for you to access the available features. For smooth and seamless access, make sure your internet connection is stable.

12. GIMP

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program ) was first launched in 1996. This free graphic design application for PC is raster based and supports various operating systems. Like Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and can even be used portable.

Using GIMP, you can create logos, combine images, change image resolution and convert multiple images. GIMP is also often used as an alternative to Photoshop.

Some of the features that the application provides will help you complete your design work more easily. Such as curve adjustment, rotation, hue, cropping, layer masking, sharpening, channel mixing and others.

13. SketchBook

The next free PC graphic design application that you can’t miss is SketchBook. This software will help you draw expressive designs, animations and sketch concepts in an easy way on PC devices.

SketchBook itself is designed for designers and creators who want to draw and design digital images. Although initially this application was provided for a fee, in its development it can be accessed free of charge.

With the support of available tools and features, this application allows you to draw digitally as if you were drawing on paper. Starting from visual design, concept art, illustrations and various other image designs.

14. Autodesk 3ds Max

This type of graphic design application on a PC specifically has a 3D modeling function. No wonder this application is widely used for design work such as making games, animation and visualization designs.

This 3D modeling was previously known as Studio 3D and has been in development since the 1990s, then in the 2000s it was acquired by Autodesk. In its development, applications are also used for interior design, video games, visual effects and others.

With a variety of sophisticated features that are quite complex in it, Autodesk 3ds Max is one of the premium applications. Some of the features embedded in the application include UV mapping, shape manipulation, camera movement control, auto masking and so on.

15. Onshape

This application for graphic design on a PC combines CAD, real-time collaboration tools, data management and business analytics. The use of this graphic design application can be through a web-based server, interact at the same time as well as edit and collaborate.

Onshape is widely used to assist industries in carrying out various business activities. Such as product planning, manufacturing equipment design, machine parts design, and so on.

This PC graphic design application will help the industry in the product design modernization process. Of course, the Onshape software is perfect for those of you who have the task of drawing 3D modeling designs. As in the 3D model of a tool or machine to be made.

For non-professional users, you can access the application for free. However, for commercial and professional needs, this application is available in a paid version. That is IDR 29.9 million for special subscriptions and IDR 21.4 million for standard subscriptions.

16. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a vector-based free graphic design software for PCs that can be used for design work on various platforms. This application does support many OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Chrome OS and Web App.

This PC graphic design application can be used as a solution for various creative jobs for designers. Starting from UI, illustrations, print art, screen mockup designs, logo designs, branding and others.

Even though the features provided are quite complete, the size of the application is relatively light. In addition, the application also provides various kinds of free design templates that will make your work easier.

But unfortunately, this application is not able to read files shared from other graphic design applications. As in the .cdr, .ai, and .eps file formats. Even so, overall this application is very feasible to use.

17. Xara Designer Pro

The 3D PC design application known as Xara Designer Pro is the best solution for your graphic design and brand management needs. Because it will help designers in creating illustrations, building websites, editing photos and vector graphics.

The add-n cloud feature in this application will allow you to edit and share files from different devices. The performance itself is quite light and compatible with devices with not too high specifications.

With a fairly simple UI, this PC graphic design application is able to show very fast performance. Of course, this application is also equipped with various features and advantages that will make the design process more optimal.

The features in question are creating visualization effects in 3D format, manipulating 3D objects, integrating Adobe plug-ins, providing complete visual effects and extraordinary zoom capabilities, even up to 25.601%. Of course, this application is perfect for web design.

Basically, there are many PC graphic design applications that can be used to help with quite complex design work. Each of these applications has its own features and advantages that can be utilized according to needs. You can choose the free or paid version.

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